“This is not a business, it’s something one does for the love of service, hospitality, the art of food and libation and the joy of creating a memory for people to enjoy. We are grateful to carve a living out of this joy.”

Founder – Ten Course Hospitality


Commonwealth and Skybar are part of Ten Course Hospitality, a family of businesses that includes:

We are dedicated to the people and businesses of our region and to the practices of good stewardship for our planet. These principles have given us the framework to achieve our specific desire to provide excellent hospitality and warm, friendly service to our guests.

The greatest changes for a better community happen in the smallest moments: a smile, a courtesy, a warm meal, a good song, and a good drink at the right time in an environment that welcomes you… where you can relax.

Hospitality to inspire or simply be comfortable in, whatever is needed we are here to serve. Every person working with us brings a light to our collective and helps us to redefine daily who we are and how we can serve our community. If you would like to be part of our team we’d love to hear from you.

See our new take-out and delivery menu athttp://tencoursehospitality.com